VOLT at Bestival: A Reason to bring your phone to the festival!

Are you obsessed with social media and uploading your photos instantly when you’re at a festival like me, but then you have that awful moment of your phone dying and you feel like the world has ended?

Now you don’t have to worry because this year Bestival has teamed up with Volt to create a portable power pack branded up with a limited edition Summer of Love (Bestival’s 2015 theme) charger cover.

About Volt 

Volt is a Danish startup that has been running for just over 4 years. Their “made for festival” portable chargers and unique swapping service allow festival-goers to focus on enjoying the event, staying connected with the ones they care about and sharing the experience, rather than spending precious festival-time hanging out at the plug socket waiting on that phone to charge.

How it works                                                

Sign-up for for Volt, collect your first portable Volt Charger when you arrive at the festival, charge your phone in your pocket and when your first charger runs out, simply swap it to a new fully charged one at one of our swapping stations. Repeat, repeat, repeat, for the duration of the festival. The Volt Charger can power up your phone 1-2 times from 0% to 100% (depending on model). Volt works with any phone, be it your battered old Nokia or your brand new power-hungry iPhone 6. 

See Volt in action: HERE

“It’s great to have Volt back at Besti, there’s so much going on over 20 live stages across 4 days – they’ll keep you charged up and connected so you can capture all the best bits of your Summer of Love experience” Ziggy Gilsenan, Bestival co-founder

There will be 4 main Volt swapping stations across the festival site, 2 in the main festival area – at Magic Meadow and Grassy Hill, 1 in the Green Campsite, 1 in the Red Campsite, plus 2 roaming Volt trucks throughout Orange Campsite and along all popular “festival commutes”. So power will never be far away.  

This is what i’ll be using for my time at Bestival!! 🙂 

For more info head over to their website: http://getvolt.dk/en/festivals/bestival-2015

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