Puma Worn My Way x Amar Stewart @ Box Park.

Puma are on a collaboration role right now. Professor Green, Worn My Way as a concept with sneaker heads and fans and now also with artists.
Worn my way is a marketing concept from Puma focussing on how people wear their puma trainers, how people’s style differs and how they can dress or style a shoe differently to someone else.

They have taken this concept and given it to a bunch of artists and asked them to create a small exhibition based around it in their style.

This time the artist on show is London’s own Amar Stewart who was previously known for running the Upper Playground franchise in the UK. Having had his time in retail Amar closed shop last year and decided to focus on his art.
A strong feminine touch goes into this small collection of work with a touch of the galaxy running throughout as a constant theme, and aesthetic. It’s surprising how a theme can lead someone somewhere totally different to where other people might go: and this is Amar’s representation of Puma’s idea. I think he’s a guy to watch in the art game. I love when art and style combine.

Also on show were Puma’s new high and low leopard print pieces. Pony hair high tops and leopard print suedes. Personally I’m a fan and I’m glad to see puma getting fashionable again. And I’m glad to see them supporting the street.

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