Clean Living, Healthy Eating: Gluten Free Veggie Brunch.

If there’s one thing I love it’s food, and taking pictures of food! I’m a strict vegetarian, and being allergic to gluten and dairy runs in my family so I try to stay away from both a lot.

This is poached egg and grilled vegetables with fresh spinach on gluten free toast topped with balsamic vinegar. It’s quick, easy, healthy and yummy!

This is gluten free bread from my local Tesco’s it’s pretty easy to come by these days, most local supermarkets stock gluten free bread which is so helpful. Although it is around £3 as opposed to £1.50 which normal bread costs. Sometimes I bake my own – when I have the time!

I sliced some tomatoes, courgettes and red onions and brushed them with a little coconut oil and popped them on an oven tray, alongside 2 slices of gluten free bread also brushed with coconut oil and put them in the oven on a medium heat. i then boiled some water, added a little rock salt and a drop of rice vinegar. Once the water was boiled and the vegetables and toast were nearly cooked, I turned down the heat on the pan, and I took a spoon and made a little whirl pool in the water and cracked and slowly dropped an egg into the middle of the whirl pool. I cooked that for a couple of minutes. Then I took the toast and vegetables out of the oven and piled the vege on the toast along with some fresh spinach, topped with the egg and then drizzled a little balsamic vinegar on top.

I sliced a little lemon and dropped it in a glass with some fresh filtered water to wash it all down.

A super easy weekend brunch!

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