NIN3LIVES first capsule drop.

New London based brand NIN3LIVES drop their first capsule for SS16. 

by road trips, friendships and cultural experiences – this capsule collection exhibits pieces inspired by a
journey from Las Vegas to California. Supplying only the finest on trend designs, NIN3LIVES launch
collection debuts with fire printed tees, snapbacks, jackets, hoodies and limited run of the exclusive
Varsity Jackets. Each collection will hero a one off exclusive product, a continued story, and collector’s

This street / lifestyle collection has a strong influence from Punk Rock with the use of 3′s and three eyed cats, patches and band merch’ style graphics. The brand has managed to take a look / scene that was very prominent 10 years ago and re-embody it in todays street culture who had generally moved away from this influence. It’s executed well and the 3 eyed cats design is definitely a stand out piece alongside the varsity jackets. 

Complimenting this, behind the lens British photographer Harley Moon Kemp captures NIN3LIVES in its
true essence, on The Road in California. With sun bleached shots hero-ing the West coast inspired
designs, the collection is brought to life in a series of images that tells the story behind the brand.

The ‘Word Hard / Play Hard’ collection is available to buy from

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